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Literay side of a ship historical

In 1994 Josep Lorman wrote an adventure novel for youngsters entitled “The Galleon of the Cies Islands” which largely takes place onboard the Rafael Verdera. The book won the prestigious Lorman “Joaquim Ruyra” Catalan literature prize. The Galleon of the Cies Islands, Editorial Galera, tells the adventure of a group of young archaeologists who discover the wreck of Santo Cristo de Maracaibo, a Spanish Galleon off the Cies Islands, which sank with a fortune aboard her, in 1702, when English and Dutch ships attacked the Spanish fleet in the estuary of Plata Vigo.

The Rafael Verdera inspired Josep Lorman, leading him to write another five seamanship and adventure novels for young people, with part of the action taking place onboard the Velero Rafael Verdera.

These include: “The Punta del Diamant”, “The jugava amb nen that balenes them,” La febre the corall “,” Els pirates of Lampedusa “, and the ” Juliol in Mallorca “.

Among the stories of the famous Catalan writer Josep Pla, specifically those grouped under the Volume “Contraban i Altres Contes” were all written in Cadaques and based on issues of smuggling. We found in one titled Pa i Raïm in which there is among the protagonists reference to “Verdera Gras”, the Iberian owner of an old Ibizan style boat …

– It is an old sloop, a type of ship that is no longer built. But she is a good ship. An old craft, dirty, unpainted, but it balandreta swims very good (it sits well in the water?). It comes also well guindada. With just enough sail cloth to endure a time across the golf with some grace. – Where is the boat?
– Off Ibiza. The owner, who was onboard, is Ibizan.
– Smuggler? No sir. If he were a smuggler he wouldn’t approached so closely.
– So what brings a man in winter to these places? Is there fishing? Is he contemplating the landscape for his health?
– He gonna take a look.
– What you wanna say with he gonna take a look? …….