If you want an exceptional and eco-friendly trip, let us welcome you on board the Rafael Verdera

Slow boat, the Rafael Verdera gives you the opportunity to relive the sailing of the old days.

We are a family business, sailors who live from the sea, and therefore we have always been aware of taking care of our environment. Since we started our voyage with the Rafael Verdera we have taken the wheel of sostenibility.

We us Km 0, fresh products for our food on board so we contribute to support local companies.

We ofer a more eco-friendly, responsible and authentic way of living your holidays. On the boat we create a dynamic where you learn to consume water and electric energy in moderation, showers are made with sea water to take advantage of its benefits, and the electric energy is used with care. They are participative sailing where you become part of the crew.

The Rafael Verdera gives you the opportunity to revive, enjoy and if you are interested you can learn the culture of health and be in full form with the sea water. We will teach you how to drink and use it.

You wil enjoy another concept of trip, you will know how to appreciate the bigest gift that live gives us, of your time, luxuty that we had forgotten.

Live the magic of the Rafael Verdera.