Rafael Verdera (1841)

Sailing trips in Palma de Mallorca in the oldest operating boat of the Spanish fleet

Carefully restored sailboat that transports you to a sailor’s past, evocative and special that you will not be able to forget with sailing Trips in Palma de Mallorca.

For her character and exclusivity, is the perfect boat for your event in a sailboat tour in Mallorca.

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A trip is experienced three times: by dreaming it, by living it and by remembering it.

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We are a company involved in the history of navigation and the future of the planet.


Since its beginnings in the 19th century, Rafael Verdera’s seafaring vocation has been linked to a philosophy of eco-sustainability and responsible sailing, which has allowed us to find ourselves in what would be his eighth generation.

We enjoy the use of sails with minimum motor resources, the preparation of menus with fresh local products and the correct recycling of waste, we are committed to using handmade systems for maintenance, and we like to hire companies that use sustainable production systems or collaborate with projects friendly to humans and nature. For all these reasons, Rafael Verdera is an example of a responsible and sustainable company.

Rafael Verdera’s crew

The crew of Rafael Verdera: Mikel, Nuria, Iñaki and Sara are the soul of the boat. Our life is the sea, that infinite mass of water that gives people such a health benefit and has an extraordinary pulling power.