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Film Experience

  • The filming of “Devil’s Island”, a children’s adventure film directed by John Piquer
  • In 1996, participation in “Life of Blasco Ibañez” directed by Berlanga.
  • In 1998, the ship appears in “The secret of porcelain” directed by Antonio Bodegas.
  • In 1999, “Presence of Mind” (provisional English title), directed by Antonio Aloy and produced by Jordan Leibert. Cast: included Sadie Frost, Lauren Bacall, Harvey Keitel, She Jones, and Nilo Mur. The film is based on the novel by Henry James’ Turn of the Screw “. The screenplay is by Antonio Aloy and Barbara Gueny.
  • In 1999, in Mallorca, a TV report on the Serra de Tramuntana portraying some key figures in the history of the island, such as the Archduke Luis Salvador and Chopin. The documentry was presented by actor Michael Douglas, owner of the farm “S’Estaca” former property of Archduke, brother of the Empress Sissí.
  • In 2001, Final Caribbean “pirate” in “The Biggest Robbery Never Told” with Antonio Resines starring and directed by Daniel Monzón for Lola Films.