Whales | Velero Rafael Verdera 1841
Avistamiento de ballenas en el Rafael Verdera

WHALE WATCHING an unforgettable experience for everybody

Cetaceans, marine mammals, are distant relatives living fully adapted to the marine environment to the point of being completely abandoned land. They live in the sea and feels towards them a very special attraction.

Join the crew in sailing a traditionally rigged tall ship, the oldest one with spanish flag. You’ll sail the high seas in search of gentle giants of the sea that gives us to enjoy and understand them in their natural environment. A moment you won’t forget.

Therefor your participation will be indispensable. We invite you to become for a few days a Mariners of Rafael Verdera, be part of the history, and share with the rest of the passengers and crew what the boat and the sea wants to teach us.

During these voyages we limit our navigation to the northern slope regions of the western Mediterranean, including the Gulf of Leon, Liguria and north of the Balearic Sea. This is an area of deep water upwelling, rich in nutrients, that in combination with other important attributes such as summer insolation, the predominance of cold north winds, and the contributions of the Rhone, form a primary ecosystem high in the production of phytoplankton and zooplankton, a primary food for fin whales, and the main objective of our search. These combined environmental factors help support quite a remarkable cetacean population in the Mediterranean.


On the occasions we are welcomed by whales we will try to make as close and lasting a connection as possible; we will be present with them, watching, and sharing. Trips to shore will be few but well chosen, and will occur on either coast along the maritime area. Due to their strategic placement and beauty, we usually choose the Hyères archipelago. However, the decisions regarding route and shore trips are the responsibility of the captain, who will plan the navigation route according to the progress of the voyage, the weather, water reserves, food and fuel supplies and other possible variables, as it is he who is ultimately responsible for the ship and the proper execution of the trip.

On the first day of your embankment we will offer an orientation of the boat operations, review participation in the wheel watches, the galley duties turns, and the operation of safety equipment (vests, rafts, etc …). This orientation will provide answers to your questions and help you become familiar with the boat.



The Western Mediterranean is for now our sailing area. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about routes inside or as well outside this Area. We are happy to plan with you our trip.


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