Anecdotes | Velero Rafael Verdera 1841
Anécdotas del Rafael Verdera


The Olympic Summer Games 1992

In the year 1992, the Olympics games where held in Barcelona, the Rafael Verdera was chosen to carry a very precious cargo: the Olympic torch flame, for a small part of it’s voyage to Barcelona.

The flame that had been collected in Olympia and landed in Ampurias was carried by all the Spanish communities but only a few ships were selected to carry it along its few maritime routes. The day before the opening of the Olympics the Rafael Verdera sailed from Palma port to the SW coast of Mallorca to collect the flame from the previous carrier and return it successfully to the City of Palma at 11 pm on July 23, 1992. This was a fantastic and unforgettable experience for those who crewed the Rafael Verdera that fine day.


Regattas …

We have participated in some of the vintage boat regattas including the “Almirante Conde de Barcelona” held every year in the month of August in the Bay of Palma de Mallorca. We always receive oldest boat award within the category “Unique Boat”. The “Ruta de la Sal”, that’s a well known race that is held at Easter off the Pitiusas Islands (in Ibiza and Formentera waters), has been honoured the participation of Rafael Verdera. Both events held in 1846 and others like them gave rise to this sporting events.Today it is divided into a northern route with the start in Barcelona and one in the southern start of Denia.


The “Queen” of Punk …

In the summer of 1987 the German singer Nina Hagen, “The Queen of Punk” married a young local guy. The “Fiesta,” held in Ibiza, lasted three days. On the second day, they sailed aboard the Rafael Verdera in order to hold their wedding ceremony; a colorful and family event, Punk style.

Film Experience …

– The filming of “Devil’s Island”, a children’s adventure film directed by John Piquer.

– In 1996, participation in “Life of Blasco Ibañez” directed by Berlanga.

– In 1998, the ship appears in “The secret of porcelain” directed by Antonio Bodegas.

– In 1999, “Presence of Mind” (provisional English title), directed by Antonio Aloy and produced by Jordan Leibert. Cast: included Sadie Frost, Lauren Bacall, Harvey Keitel, She Jones, and Nilo Mur. The film is based on the novel by Henry James’ Turn of the Screw “. The screenplay is by Antonio Aloy and Barbara Gueny.

– In 1999, in Mallorca, a TV report on the Serra de Tramuntana portraying some key figures in the history of the island, such as the Archduke Luis Salvador and Chopin. The documentry was presented by actor Michael Douglas, owner of the farm “S’Estaca” former property of Archduke, brother of the Empress Sissí.

– In 2001, Final Caribbean “pirate” in “The Biggest Robbery Never Told” with Antonio Resines starring and directed by Daniel Monzón for Lola Films.


Happiness and joy!

Our Iñaki is born

He was “home birthed” aboard the Rafael Verdera on May 22, 1998, in two and half hours. We were moored in the port of Palma. In this photo he is just 3 days old.

This little one is Sara Sabina, who was also born aboard the Rafael Verdera on August 27, 1999 and in the picture she is 3 years old.

Events .. Disaster …

In April 1992, three months before carrying the Olympic torch, the Rafael Verdure suffered an arson attack that burned part of the hull putting the ship and the lives of the crew members in serious danger. Thanks to the rapid response of the port guards and firefighters we are here to share this distressing story. Nothing was ever known of the arsonist that started it.


Literay side of a ship historical…

In 1994 Josep Lorman wrote an adventure novel for youngsters entitled “The Galleon of the Cies Islands” which largely takes place onboard the Rafael Verdera. The book won the prestigious Lorman “Joaquim Ruyra” Catalan literature prize. The Galleon of the Cies Islands, Editorial Galera, tells the adventure of a group of young archaeologists who discover the wreck of Santo Cristo de Maracaibo, a Spanish Galleon off the Cies Islands, which sank with a fortune aboard her, in 1702, when English and Dutch ships attacked the Spanish fleet in the estuary of Plata Vigo.

The Rafael Verdera inspired Josep Lorman, leading him to write another five seamanship and adventure novels for young people, with part of the action taking place onboard the Velero Rafael Verdera.

These include: “The Punta del Diamant”, “The jugava amb nen that balenes them,” La febre the corall “,” Els pirates of Lampedusa “, and the ” Juliol in Mallorca “.


Among the stories of the famous Catalan writer Josep Pla, specifically those grouped under the Volume “Contraban i Altres Contes” were all written in Cadaques and based on issues of smuggling. We found in one titled Pa i Raïm in which there is among the protagonists reference to “Verdera Gras”, the Iberian owner of an old Ibizan style boat …

“- It is an old sloop, a type of ship that is no longer built. But she is a good ship. An old craft, dirty, unpainted, but it balandreta swims very good (it sits well in the water?). It comes also well guindada. With just enough sail cloth to endure a time across the golf with some grace.

– Where is the boat?

Off Ibiza. The owner, who was onboard, is Ibizan.

– Smuggler? No sir. If he were a smuggler he wouldn’t approached so closely.

– So what brings a man in winter to these places? Is there fishing? Is he contemplating the landscape for his health?

He gonna take a look.

– What you wanna say with he gonna take a look?”


Bringing the dream of many children …

We also like to participate in the great winter festival for children by disembarking the Three Kings in full regala to the port of Palma from aboard the Rafael Verdera.

Video Clips

A couple of rappers recorded a video clip on board the sailboat, which emulated the story of Peter Pan.

In 2009 the Videoclip “ After the Love” from R.I.O. was been filmed on board Of the Rafael Verdera with Group of friends in the best Party atmosphere .

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